About Ron Matthews

While Ron Matthews will tell you that he’s found his calling in the field of Energy Healing he’s probably the most unlikely energy healer you’ll ever meet.

Before he found the field of energy healing, and went through the training to become a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ron spent 30 years as an electromagnetic physicist and engineer working for the defense industry.

But while Ron’s job may have been in the hard sciences, his passion was always the study of the elusive internal energy that animates the human body. This lifelong study led him to the martial arts, Tai Chi (say tie jee) and Qi Gung (say chee gong), and he has achieved master’s credentials in several of these systems.

Energy Healing proved to be the discipline where Ron’s two passions – physics and Qi Gung – could collide.

Ron’s acute understanding of physics combined with his mastery of Qi Gung makes it possible for him to explain principles of energy healing from many different points of view. He is as comfortable teaching Energy Healing principles to lay people as he is with debating its effectiveness with hard-nosed skeptics.

| If you’re at all familiar with these disciplines, you know that their primary focus is the cultivation and development of an often elusive subtle energy that thought to animate the human body. Over time, and countless hours of study and practice, it became evident to Ron that the behavior of this elusive human energy – this Qi was consistent with the behavior of electromagnetic energy. | This discovery was the thing that ultimately led me to discover Donna Eden and her system Energy Medicine.

As a scientist, a student of martial arts, and Taiji, and being adept at several systems of mind science, Ron has had the opportunity to study some of the most fascinating things in the world. As interesting as all of these things have been for him, nothing has ‘swept him off his feet’ the way Energy Medicine has done. There are many amazing and beautiful things about Energy Medicine but, for Ron , the most amazing of all is that the majority of the methods and protocols of Energy Medicine could be self administered. All of us have the innate ability to be Energy Healers – for ourselves and for other people. The content of Your Energy Medicine Cabinet is intended to bring the promise of Energy Medicine to you so you can discover the amazing promise it holds and to harness The Healing Power of Being Human in your own life.