Daily Five-Minute Energy Medicine Tune-up



By the time you finish learning the Daily Five-Minute Energy Medicine Tune-up, you’ll will have been exposed to a whole new paradigm in health and healing – a new paradigm that is over five thousand years old! The truth of the matter is that traditional healing methods like Energy Medicine date back as far as 3000 BC teach that we are all made up of energy.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine makes use of the acupuncture meridians and their associated storage vessels and control points
  • Ayurvedic Medicine from India makes use of the Seven Chakras and the Auric field
  • Shamanic healing practices from northern Europe maintain that the energies flowing from the brain down into the body did so in a crisscross pattern when the individual was healthy.

All of these ancient healing methods are based on the belief that we all have an inborn ability of self-healing that is safer and more effective than any modern allopathic medicine that exists today.

It’s just that we’ve allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that only drugs or surgery can make us healthy.

Imagine what it would be like if you could harness the healing power within you and use it to keep yourself healthy, to help you return to health and even to help your friends overcome their health challenges.

This ability is believed to be well within your grasp. It is thought to reside within you and to be part of you. You don’t have to be a doctor or an acupuncturist or a shaman to make use of your body’s healing power. It is your power and your health and your happiness – and so it is your right to use it. Activating and harmonizing your energy systems doesn’t require any specialized instruments:

  • The acupuncture points could be activated by rubbing, tapping, or pinching them, none of which requires needles. Another popular technique is to balance the acupuncture meridians by tracing them with your fingers.
  • You don’t need crystals to be able to clear and re-energize your chakras. You can use the palm of your hand. In fact, the palm of your hand works better than any crystal!
  • You don’t need any special items or equipment to maintain the integrity of your Auric field (your Aura). The cross-crawl exercise, the hook-up and the zip-up will help with that. The exercises in Daily Energy Medicine Tune-up are tremendous for keeping your Aura healthy, too!

There is a rich and deep legacy of knowledge about how you can be proactive in keeping your energy systems in good working order.

The guidance contained in the traditional healing systems have stood the test of thousands of years of scrutiny. The most exciting thing about this method of healing is that it is thought to be suitable for use by just about anyone.

Now I would like to help you experience the health and happiness that is thought to be already within you. By simply practicing the steps described in the following pages, you will access the energy systems that the ancient traditional healers wrote about and reclaim the authority that could enable to take charge of your own wellness! The truth is that good health is the birth-right of all of us. In that spirit, use this information to help you reclaim the health and happiness that is your birthright and Tap in to the Healing Power of Being Human!!

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