Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pinch the Skin on the Inside of the Forearm(s)

When you lightly pinch the skin on the inside of the forearm that is affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, it is believed to send a signal to the brain that the pain is no longer necessary. It could be thought of as being analogous to resetting a circuit breaker that has tripped.

Start at the inside of the forearm at the elbow and lightly pinch the skin one time using your thumb and forefinger. Move down the forearm by about a finger’s width and repeat. Continue this process until you reach your wrist.

You can do this several times following different paths down the inside of your forearm.

Lightly pinching the skin is thought to trigger the "spindle cell" mechanism which is believed to free energy that could be clogged in the area of the pain. The slight pinch ostensibly sends a signal into your nervous system that it’s time to release trapped energy.

Sedate Circulation Sex


Circulation Sex Meridian runs right down the middle of both of your
forearms as shown in the picture to the right. Sedating this
is an Energy Medicine technique that
may be helpful in resolving energy imbalances
believed to be associated withthe pain of carpal
tunnel syndrome.


Sedate Triple Warmer and Strengthen Spleen

The Opponens Pollicis muscle in the hand is thought
to be governed by the Spleen Meridian. Since
the energy of Spleen Meridian is usually
deficient, due to Triple Warmer Meridian
being overly active, a good strategy could be to
Sedate Triple Warmer Meridian and
Strengthen Spleen Meridian


Get Energy Moving that may be Stuck in Your Joints

Energy, by its very nature wants to move. When Energy gets stuck in your body, pain could be the result.

A great way to get this stuck energy moving is to use the Energy Medicine exercise, Connecting Heaven and Earth.