The Two Energetic Components Believed to be Associated with Osteoarthritis

We’ve all been taught to think of osteoarthritis as a disease of the joints and, from the biochemical perspective, that appears to be the case. But remember that a more fundamental part of our existence is believed to be the energetic part – the energy systems that animate our physical body. Osteoarthritis is

  • An inflammatory process and
  • One that involves the bones

This being the case, there are thought to be two Energy Medicine methods that could be used:

  • One for the energies believed to be associated with the inflammatory process
  • One for the energy thought to be associated with the bones.

Easing the Inflammatory Process

The energetic imbalance that is thought to be linked with inflammation is deficient energy in the Spleen Meridian – which is, in turn, linked to excessive energy in the Triple Warmer Meridian. So the first thing that could be done is to employ the Energy Medicine processes to sedate Triple Warmer and strengthen Spleen. |

Balancing the Energy of the Bones and Joints

Various parts of the body are said to be governed by a particular meridian. Your bones and joints are believed to be governed by the Bladder Meridian. So the next thing to do is to sedate Bladder Meridian. |

Then, You Might Want to Help Your Energies Flow Easily Through Your Body

As I pointed out above, pain could be a sign of stuck energy or excessive energy. If you could allow your energies to flow freely through your body the way they’re intended to, these energy imbalances could tend to correct themselves. So, once you’ve used the two Energy Medicine methods mentioned above for a while, the next thing might be to

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