by Ron Matthews on July 18, 2011

Neurovascular Points for Fear

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The Neurovascular points for releasing fear are located in the back of the head directly behind the eyes The most convenient way to hold these points along with the Main Frontal NVs is to hold one hand over your forehead so that it overspreads the Main Frontal NVs and the other hand over the back of the head so that it overspreads the Water NVs, which are the NVs related to the emotion of fear. You only need use light pressure when you hold the NV points. This is demonstrated in the figure.

A very important point in working with the NVs is to focus on the situation or circumstance that is linked to your emotion of Fear as you hold the NV points. Hold the points long enough to feel pulses in the palms of your hands and/or to feel the Fear begin to diminish to get the most benefit from holding the NV points.


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