Specific Challenges

Applying Energy Medicine to Specific Conditions


It’s important to remember that Energy Medicine does not treat any ailment, disease, illness or condition. What Energy Medicine does do is to address imbalances in your energy system.

In terms of bringing your energy system back into a state of harmonious flow and balance, there is no substitute for seeking out a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. These practitioners assess the state of your energy systems and use that assessment to bring your energies back into the harmonious state they are meant to be in.

However, people suffering with particular ailments are believed to exhibit common imbalances in their energy systems.

So if you don’t have easy access to a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, the information provided on this site could serve as your guide to resolving the energy system imbalance thought to be associated with your condition.

That being said, here are some conditions for which balancing you energy system is believed to be helpful.


Blood Pressure


Digestive Problems

Colds & Flu


Multiple Sclerosis


Parkinson’s Disease

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Prostate Issues

Restless Leg Syndrome