The Common Cold of Mental Illness

Friends and family members have often noticed that a loved one hasn’t been acting like himself/herself for a couple of weeks. When they asked him if anything was wrong, they reply, “Oh, nothing.” This person may be suffering from depression and not even know it — and it may be affecting their ability to do their job or function normally in other areas of their life.

Many Americans suffer from depression. According to the National Foundation for Depressive Illness Inc., 35 to 40 million Americans living today will suffer from a major depressive illness during their lives. In fact, Dr. William C. Shiel Jr., medical editor for, has called depression, “the common cold of mental illness.” And for each person directly suffering, three or four of their relatives, employees, associates and friends also will be adversely affected.

Energy Imbalances Thought to be Associated with Depression

When a person is suffering with depression their energies are thought to be scrambled and running in a homolateral (straight up and down) pattern instead of the healthy, crisscrossing pattern that are believed to accompany vibrant, good health. Several Energy Medicine processes might be helpful in resolving these energy imbalances.

When your energies are scrambled, the energy in your meridians is thought to run backwards, which could further contribute to depression.

A good general strategy unscrambling your energies might be to use the Daily Energy Medicine Tune-Up.

If doing the entire Tune-Up is too much for you, the following elements of it may be helpful:

If you have a partner to work with, or if you are helping another person, performing the Gateway to the Inner Sanctuary technique might be very beneficial for restoring balance to the body’s energies.

Energy Medicine Protocol for Allergies or Sensitivities to Medication

For cases of chronic depression, medication prescribed by a mental health professional might be very helpful. But because the medications themselves are believed to often scramble the body’s energies, using the Energy Medicine protocol for allergies/sensitivities to the medication is thought to be helpful.