Digestive Problems

Digestive problems are thought to be the number 1 problem in North America. These diseases, encompassing everything from hemorrhoids to colon cancer, result in more time lost—at work, school, and play—than any other health problem. They also appear to be occurring with much more frequency—while many of them were almost unheard of in our grandparents’ times, they are cropping up more and more and at an earlier and earlier age.

While there are many different types of digestive problems, there all seem to be related the same types of imbalances in the energy system.

That being the case, the following Energy Medicine methods can be helpful:

Clear your Houston valve and Ileocecal valve.

Vigorously massage the

As with all chronic ailments, chronic digestive problems are believed to be associated with homolateral patterns in your body’s energy flow. The Homolateral Crawl/Cross-Crawl combination could be a very useful exercise to practice a few times a day to correct this energy imbalance.

As you use the methods suggested above to relieve your digestive problems, you could maintain and further improve your well-being by making the Daily Energy Medicine Tune-up a part of your daily routine.