Prostate Health

The energy systems believed to be most closely associated with the prostate are the Kidney Meridian and Circulation Sex Meridian.

The first step in this process might be to apply the following three methods, which could be done daily for a few weeks:

  1. Sedate Triple Warmer and Strengthen Spleen Meridian
  2. Sedate the Kidney Meridian
  3. Massage acupuncture points KI7 and KI8

You might gradually add the following Energy Medicine methods to your treatment:


Energy Medicine is believed to be very helpful for resolving energy imbalances thought to be associated with prostate problems and the longer you use the above-listed methods, the more benefit you might expect to receive.

Bear in mind that Energy Medicine works with your body’s natural processes and so any results that could be experienced are usually gradual.

Above all, stick with it.