Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue seems to have become an epidemic in our society. So many people are going through life exhausted. It’s no wonder, either, when you consider that multi-tasking has been mistakenly equated to efficiency.

When you feel constantly fatigued, there could be an imbalance in two of your energy systems:

  • Kidney Meridian is depleted
  • Triple Warmer Meridian is on alert


Kidney Meridian

If the Kidney Meridian is deficient it is thought to cause the energy in all of the other meridians to run backwards. The direction of flow in the meridians is defined by the order of the so-called acupuncture points that lie along that meridian. In the case of the Kidney Meridian, for instance, the energy flows from point K1 in the sole of the foot to point K27, located at the collar bone. In the case of the Stomach Meridian, the energy flows from point ST1 below the eye to point ST45 at the tip of the second toe. And so it goes for all of the meridians.


When the energy in the meridians is flowing backwards the simplest activities could leave you feeling wiped you out. A brisk walk, for example, which is normally invigorating may leave you feeling like you need a nap.

There’s a domino effect at work here. Deficient Kidney Meridian energy causes the energies in the other meridians to run backwards. Meridian energies running backwards is believed to cause the other energies associated with the body, which normally flow in a healthy, kaleidoscopic figure-8 pattern to run straight up and down in what is called a homolateral pattern of flow.


When the energies are homolateral, depression, compromised immune system function, chronic illness and other problems may develop.

As this cascade of energy imbalances proceeds, the Triple Warmer Meridian, sensing that something is amiss, assumes that there is imminent danger and swings into action by ostensibly firing the fight/flight response.

Triple Warmer is believed to govern the adrenals. When Kidney Meridian energy becomes deficient and causes the cascade of energy imbalances listed above, Triple Warmer fuels the fight/flight response with energy that it steals from the Kidney Meridian (the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys) and from the Spleen Meridian.

When your adrenals don’t have sufficient energy you may experience what is known as adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that include nonspecific symptoms, such as body aches, fatigue, nervousness, sleep disturbances and digestive problems. It’s one of the common diagnoses in our stress-ridden world.

But it doesn’t stop there. The energetic foundation of your immune system is believed to be your Spleen Meridian. And since Triple Warmer Meridian also draws energy out of the Spleen Meridian whenever it goes into an alert state, our immune system function may be compromised.

This is exactly why it’s probably no coincidence that, in our stress soaked society, autoimmune disorders are at epidemic levels. From the perspective of the body’s energy system, a stress response is thought to cause the following sequence:


  • Kidney Meridian energy becomes depleted when from the pace of life being in overdrive all the time.
  • This Kidney Meridian deficiency causes the energy in the other meridians to run backwards relative to the direction of flow that accompanies vibrant health.
  • This backward-running energy causes the other energies associated with your body to go into a homolateral pattern of flow.
  • Triple Warmer senses that something is happening and is thought to fire off the fight/flight response.
  • To supply the energy to fuel the fight/flight state, Triple Warmer steals energy from Spleen Meridian and the Kidney Meridian.
  • All of this is thought to cause the energy of your immune system function to crash and is further thought to be related to adrenal fatigue.

So not only could this cascade of energy collapsing leave you feeling tired, achy and generally lousy, it could also make you more prone to getting hit with colds, flu, or any other opportunistic illness that happen to be making the rounds.

There are several Energy Medicine methods you might use right now to take Triple Warmer off its alert status, return your energies to the healthy, crossover pattern that is thought to be the harbinger of good health, get the energies in your meridians moving in the right direction, and strengthen the energy in your Kidney Meridian.

Simply add the following Energy Medicine processes to your daily routine. Don’t try and add them all at once. Add them one or two at a time as it feels right.