Multiple Sclerosis

Dealing with the Energy Imbalances of Autoimmune Disorders

Since multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder, it is thought to be associated with an extreme imbalance between Triple Warmer Meridian and Spleen Meridian.

Additionally, M.S. is believed to always be accompanied by what is known as homolateral energy flow. Homolateral energy flow is a condition wherein your body’s energies deviate from the normal, healthy, cross-over energy pattern and instead, flow in a straight, vertical pattern that is believed to accompany poor health.

This being the suppositoin, it seems logical to ease Triple Warmer Meridian out of its high alert status and restore your body’s energy pattern to its normal, healthy cross-over pattern.

Once these two energy systems have been restored to a state of balance, it is thought that the next step would be to sedate Bladder Meridian.

Above all, proceed slowly

Don’t try to be overly aggressive in using the Energy Medicine treatments that follow. Proceed slowly and be patient with yourself. Trying to move too quickly in applying these treatments can cause Triple Warmer to go even further into its high alert status and make things worse rather than better. Celebrate the progress you make and be gentle with yourself.

Energy Medicine Methods for Energy Imbalances Thought to be Associated with Multiple Sclerosis