What Is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is believed to be the safest, most natural and most easily accessible form of healing in existence. The stunning effectiveness of Energy Medicine, combined with the fact that it costs almost nothing compared to conventional medicine, is thought to be having a noticeable impact on the face of health care.

Consider that,

  • In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Dr Richard Gerber wrote, “The ultimate approach to healing will be to remove the abnormalities at the subtle-energy level which led to the manifestation of illness in the first place.”
  • Dr, Norm Shealy, a retired neuro-surgeon and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, has stated that – in his view – “energy medicine is the future of all medicine.”
  • In his book, Introduction to a Submolecular Biology, Albert Szent-Györgi, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, has written that, “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Since the prospect of Energy Medicine as an effective means of reclaiming a state of vibrant health and happiness may be foreign to many people, I have provided a look at Energy Medicine from my viewpoint as an electromagnetic physicist as well as an Certified Energy Medicine practitioner.

There are two videos below that will, I hope, answer some of the questions you may have.

  • The first video examines the question of why Energy Medicine has stood the test of over 5000 years of continuous use throughout the world.
    • When you consider that we spend $2.5 trillion per year on health care and that the United States is one of the least healthy of any nation in the industrialized world, it’s clear that we need a new kind of medicine – one that is at once affordable, effective and safe.
  • The second video shows the practical basis for why Energy Medicine is believed to work, again from the perspective of electromagnetic physics.

Over the years, I’ve been interviewed by several people in the alternative health and Law of Attraction industries.

I’ve included the recordings of two of these interviews below.

  • The first is an interview I did with Ellen Britt from EveryDayQi.com where we talked for almost an hour about what Energy Medicine is and how it can be used by anyone.
  • The second one is an interview I did with Bob Doyle. Bob is one of the stars of the hit movie, The Secret. During this 30 minute interview Bob was intent on grilling me about the technical justification for Energy Medicine from the perspective of modern physics.

Please enjoy the videos and audio interviews. If you have any questions you can post them in the comments section on any page on the site.

Video: What is Energy Medicine and Why has it Lasted for Five Thousand Years?

Video: How Does Energy Medicine Work and How Can I Use It?

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Audio Interview: Every Day Qi with Ellen Britt


Audio Interview: Wealth Beyond Reason Interview with Bob Doyle from The Secret